The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword Informative Speech

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Alexander Graham Bell, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, world war I and II veterans, Vietnam war veterans, and soldiers currently serving today. These men are remembered today, not because of what they wrote, or said, but because of what they did, what they actively did. Sure, Abraham Lincoln gave some mighty fine speeches, but let’s be honest here, we all know Abraham Lincoln, for his great beard, his amazing top hat, and his actively getting us out of the civil war. These were acts, not words. Today I will not be arguing that the pen is mightier than the sword, but rather, that the sword is mightier than then pen. Before we begin, I would like to define a few terms: Pen: words, writings, or speech. Sword: Actions Mightier: Has greater impact My value for this debate, and the criteria on which I ask that you vote, is safety. By safety, I am only implying the welfare or the American people. So, in the end of the debate, I ask you to judge based on who has proved what gives…show more content…
In world war II alone, Hitler was winning by a considerable amount before America was dragged into the mix. Hitler was invading the Soviet Union, and was nearing success, and was bombing Britain, to keep them at bay. Many historians agree that had it not been for America’s actions, Hitler would have conquered the world. In just this one example one can see how the sword, and not the pen, was needed, and triumphed. I hope I have proven that the sword is mightier, and by that, I mean, has more impact, than the pen when looking at safety, the welfare of the American people. I have proven that actions speak louder than words, as I proved with my homeless man analogy, that the sword is always the finisher, we can’t go to war with words, the sword is what is needed, and lastly, I proved that the sword was needed for the American people to still be here, and I proved by looking at American actions, not words, from World War
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