The Pentecostal Church In Nigeria

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There has been a massive explosion of Pentecostal churches in Nigeria. Based on what is visible to the naked eye, there is almost no street in Edo State without at least a Pentecostal church in it. This shows the fast rise of the Pentecostal churches not only in Edo State but in Nigeria at large. The fact that Pentecostal churches have touched every facet of the Nigerian society and church life is not an overstatement. The “Spirit” movement in the Nigerian church and society in general is unprecedented. It is almost impossible for anyone to say that there is a Nigerian who has not heard the word of God (Ayuk 2002, pp.189); this is so, because of the Pentecostal spirit and the number of Pentecostal churches in the country. The history of Pentecostal…show more content…
A lot of NGOs and stakeholders are going into youth development, papers have been published regarding the development of youth but one questions keeps coming to my mind what are the Pentecostal churches doing about the youths, seeing that the youth amount to one third of the Nigerian’s population (UNFPA, 2012) and these youths are also members of their congregations? Due to problems such as the present socio-political and economic crisis in the state, as well as youth involvement in crime, it can be assumed that most of the Pentecostal churches are not successfully performing their role in developing a better youth in the state. The problem which is the focus of this paper is the following: • What are the challenges of youth leadership as faced by the Pentecostal churches? • What has the Pentecostal churches done in addressing these challenges of the youth? • How can Pentecostal churches successfully develop youth fit for leadership in the…show more content…
“The study of Pentecostal Churches is regarded as the third phase in the history of Christianity in Nigeria. The existence of the Churches in this category is a challenge to the existence of Mainline and African Independent Churches. Some of these Churches are: Redeemed Christian Church of God, Deeper Life Christian Church, Living Faith Church, New Testament Church, Rhema Church etc .It is observed that many of them have contributed significantly to the needed religious, political and socio-economic infrastructure for Sustainable Development of Nigeria in the 21st Century”(Omotoye 2010). According to Omotoye (2010), in her work point out eight areas of Pentecostalism in national development namely: (a) Humanitarian services (b) Educational development (c) Employment generation (d) Social and ethical development (e) Governance by example (f) Improved economy (g) Spiritual and moral development. But fail to include youth development. This shows that little or no attention is giving to the youth development in the

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