The People And The Police Summary

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The People and the Police is a book written by Algernon D. Black. Black was born in Manhattan and faced unnecessary actions while he was in school. As a child, a teacher once slapped him, causing minor injuries in which he obtained a scholarship from. Algernon D. Black was a graduate from Harvard, a teacher, and a leader of the New York Society for Ethical Culture. Black was on several committees, including the Civilian Complaint Review Board for a police department. During his life time, Black has written several articles and books stating facts and information about racial discrimination, police actions, and religious beliefs. The People and the Police is a book written about police brutality, racial discrimination, and how police officers interact and respond to the community.
Police officers perform several tasks on a daily basis, and Black (1968) gives his readers an insight to the tasks a police officer may perform. Those tasks may include writing traffic tickets, arresting an intoxicated person, or simply helping an old lady cross the street. Police officers deal with people in good times and bad times. For example, when a police officer responds to a person on
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Algernon D. Black appears to defend the African American race throughout the book, and make the Caucasian race feel as if they are a bully. Throughout the book are different headers, each titled differently. The titles simplify what point is about to be made, and what information is given. Provided in the book, near the end, are statistics on Algernon D. Black’s racial discrimination findings. Black (1968) concludes that Caucasians report more complaints to police officers, second by African Americans. Also, Black (1968) concludes that police officers use a lot of unnecessary force when responding to
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