'The People Of Concord'

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Thesis: To many people in the colonies prior to the Revolutionary War, Concord was just a little town on the outskirts of Boston. Little did they know, that men from all different backgrounds and skills in the city came together to train regularly as minute men. Robert Gross researched many different things, such as deeds, tax lists, and wills. He did this to give us a look at what the minutemen’s lives were like before the start of the revolutionary war, and how they prepared for it. Gross gives us a good depiction of who these people were, and how they were not much different than us today. The people of concord were not eager to start a revolution, but they did what they thought was right. Scope: The time period that this book is written in is before, during, and after the Revolutionary War. The Revolutionary War was from 1775 to about 1783. Before anyone thought about fighting the British for what they believed to be right, Concord was just a common town with average people trying to make a living. But in the time right before the war started, Concord was a very different place. No one wanted to fire the first shot, but they were preparing if it did happen. Gross tells us how they were some tense weeks, and William Emerson even said that it was a time of “Dread suspense.” The homes of the people of Concord lay…show more content…
It shows us the everyday life of the people of Concord before, during, and after the Revolutionary War, which is where the war started. By doing that it helps us to relate to the people from that time, which then allows us to understand it better. There is a lot at stake for us to understand American history. History has given us the opportunity to learn many lessons that could help us deal with issues in the future. History does tend to repeat itself, so that is why history is still relevant today, we can use the lessons we have learned in the past to help create a bigger and better
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