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The novels that are being reviewed are “The People of Sparks” written by Jeanne DuPrau and “The Choice” written by Nicholas Sparks. In the content of this report, the two novels will be compared and contrasted. “The People of Sparks” is a sequel to “The City of Ember” and continues the story of the citizens of the underground city of Ember as they emerge to the surface of a post-apocalyptic Earth. Led by young teenagers, Doon and Lina, the citizens walked for several days before they reached a village called Sparks who agrees to provide them with food and shelter. The Emberities learn from the people of Sparks that several generations before the world had been afflicted by widespread disease and war, leaving the largest cities abandoned in ruins. Lina believes the Emberities are destined to reinhabit one of these cities but abandoned that dream as she saw how ruined the cities were. she sees the ruination.Tensions grow between the people of Sparks and the Emberities throughout the story.…show more content…
The genre of The Choice is romance while The People of Sparks is full of action and adventure. The tones of admire, love, affection, and tragedy were all present in “The Choice.” “The People of Sparks” displayed tones of worry, outrage, frustration, and tolerance. The settings are quite different as Gabby and Travis live in Beaufort, North Carolina and the Emberities and Sparks people live in the ruins of a village in a post-apocalyptic world. In “The Choice” there is really no main antagonist while a character named Tick in “The People of Sparks” resembles an antagonist. The climax of each story also contrasts. The climax in “The People of Sparks” occurs when the Emberities are asked to leave the village and build their own civilization elsewhere. Contrastingly, the climax in “The Choice” is when Gabby goes to Travis’s house for the first time because his dog was in her yard and Travis ends up

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