The Perception Of False Memory

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Memory is the process in which information is encoded stored and retrieved from our brain. However, memory can also be so utterly manipulated ultimately making it useless. Memory can be constructive and reconstructed. A common misconception is memory works like a tape recorder. You can rewind and play back parts you want to remember. This is far from the truth. Memory is actually like a wikipedia page. You can make changes to the page and so can other people. Essentially, you can feed someone misinformation about their experience and distort,change or contaminate their memory.misinformation is everywhere. We get misinformation from if we are questioned a certain way, if we talk to certain witnesses in addition certain media coverage about the event can adversely feed an individual a certain way.…show more content…
For example a legal case in which Dr. Loftus researched whereas Jane Doe falsely accused her biological mother of sexual assault. Dr Loftus concluded Jane Doe was coached by her biological mother and step mother. Dr Loftus reached this conclusion by determining a six year old completely cannot completely lose relocation of the sexual assault a couple years after the incident. Nevertheless, The biological mother was convicted solely based on the word of the alleged victim in addition to the willinness of the judge jury, and prosecutor to accept her story. False memory can have long term consequences and reprocussions.In addition, studies have shown false memories can have an affect on human behavior long after the false memory takes place. In a study, a group of physiologist planted a false memory and told individuals they became severely sick after eating pickles. The study showed those people were less likely to eat pickles. The moral of the study is just because someone says something with confidence or the express the event in detail does not mean it really
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