The Percy Jackson Series: The Lightning Thief

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The Percy Jackson series, this has been a very well written novelty and a New York favorite also. The outlook over the first book: The Lightning Thief is over how the Greek Gods had children with women in which created half-bloods. During the summer time, these half-human people will attend to a camp named Camp Half Blood. While attending camp Percy and all of his friends draw closer together here and are able to train using their given powers. Percy first year of attending camp was now, he had no clue what to think once he walked through the gates. While attending camp for all who attend only some will be assigned a quest to serve on or to at least to tag along on. The reason to why out of his life Percy is beginning camp now is due to no…show more content…
Finding out all of this in a story is a helpful way in learning. Readers like to learn about new things in a fun and in different ways. These books out of Riordan’s series all lead up to the facts written about the Greek Gods. When it talks about Zeus cutting all of them away from the world and not allowed to leave Olympus. Zeus is considered the President or Father of Olympus. There is not a lot that happens there after the gods not allowed to leave. The most that the Greek Gods can do is to watch over their children and provide them with any advice they may need. As their hardy is not any real problems involved with anyone in the camp besides what the Greek Gods may have done. Having that in the past may cause conflict with the half-bloods not wanting to work together. Percy’s high school life he was constantly flunking in school. His abilities for staying focused just had not work out it may have been because of his father. He could never stayed focused or anything he would constantly daze off and dream of the Greek Gods. Till one day Percy was blamed for stealing Zeus’s bolt he had no clue how he could have when he never met him or seen it. Percy had known nothing of what he actually was, or how that could even happen. Once the bolt was found Percy continued to Olympus to return it back to Zeus before Midnight. Otherwise, Zeus and Poseidon would head off to war since it was believed his son had done
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