The Perfect Bride Analysis

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The beautiful bride is reduced to the state of a robot which obeys the director’s instructions. In a wedding ceremony the bride walks with a garland, after the removal of her original heart, liver, teeth, and other organs and without the soul:
While working on the project we rejected a lot of the old girl - her original heart and liver, for example - not to mention her teeth, hair, toes and eyebrows and put in their places perfect synthetic parts, lasting and guaranteed. One day, during the process, that little old thing which is in every creature - what people call the soul - slipped away. But that does not matter. She will speak, sing, walk regally, smile and in fact do all that is required of a royal bride, for she is powered by the latest in super-electronic devices. (MWLM 7)
The reader doesn’t care to raise the question how far plastic surgery and super-electronic device is possible in the remote past. Das makes the reader willingly suspend those questions through his humorous narration. He also depicts the condition of present Indian women who are reduced to a commodity
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Her vital organs are removed one by one according to the royal specifications as suggested by the administrative hierarchy. In the process of beautification, a few vital organs like heart and liver are removed and the girl ultimately becomes heartless and soulless. With the help of a super-electronic device, the girl is alive as if she were a robot. The process is totally unbelievable and no one could have imagined such a beautification process. However, Manoj Das is a master wordsmith and craftsman. The inevitable happens at the climax - the robot-like bride stops functioning and the prince’s heart too stops
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