The Constitution Dbq Essay

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A Framer of The Constitution, James Madison, once said: “If men were angels, no government would be necessary.” This shows how dedicated Madison was to making the perfect Constitution. If he were to make the perfect Constitution his sources would also be the best because he had ancient sources, the British government, and the Enlightenment to guide him. The Writers of the constitution got many ideas from many things that happen before them. They studied other governments and took notes from other philosophers. After the Articles of Confederation failing, men from each state at the time, except for Rhode Island met up to fix the articles. However they created an entirely new one, this is now called the Constitution. They set them up into articles…show more content…
Magna Carta was when British Barons wanted the King to be more aware of their rights. They felt they weren't treated properly and wanted more say. King John isn't recognizing the Baron's rights. The Barons made it so they would have more say and freedom. “[Britain’s] Magna Carta and bill of rights have long been the boast, as well as the security of that nation….this principle is a fundamental one… [and] such declarations should make a part of [the United States’ frame] of government” (Document B). This document limited the King's power. By the Barons stopping the KIng from doing anything they wanted they limited the KIng's government. The framers limited the government by making Amendments In the Bill of Rights. The branched cannot pass any law that is unconstitutional or against the people. Petition of Right is when they King become answerable to others and not just God. The King said they were only answerable to God. The divine right of the Kings was a very unpopular thing among the people because the King couldn't be wrong, but they didn't want to disobey the King or God. Article 1; Section 9 is an example of the many ways the Constitution limits our government. The framers did not want the government to have complete and total power so they limited the government. This stopped them from doing anything they
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