The Perfect Life In Shakespeare's Play King Lear

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When one thinks of a king he believes that his life is a happy and lucky one, but that is not true for all kings, and that is especially not the case for King Lear. In Shakespeare 's play King Lear, King Lear believes he is living a perfect life because he thinks he has three daughters that love him greatly and is prospering as a king. He quickly comes to realize that is not the case. King Lear’s holding a meeting with his daughters for him to find out which loves him the most. The daughter who confesses her love for him will get the most land. King Lear believes that his favorite daughter Cordelia will love him the most. Once Cordelia admits that she does not love him as much he thought, King Lear’s ruin begins. Throughout the play King Lear realizes that his daughters are not who he thought they were and he loses all his power as a result of his wrongful thinking. First off, King Lear realizes that Cordelia is not who he thought she was he banishes her because he believes that she is in the wrong for not giving him what he wants to hear. He gets so mad at her and can not bear to see her anymore. King Lear preaches, “I loved her most and thought to see my rest on her kind nursery / hence and avoid my sight, so be my grave my pence as her I gave her fathers hence from here” (1.1). With the use of “I loved her most”, Shakespeare reinforces that Lear does not know what his daughter truly thinks of him because he is blinded by the bias he shows Cordelia. King Lear gets
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