The Perfect Love John Chaser

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The Perfect Love ¨The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for¨ (Joseph Addison). If you control every aspect of your life, if you plan everything to happen, you will have none of the amazing surprises to hope for that life has in store, like somebody you might meet, somewhere you might go, and love you might find. There 's that word again, Love. What is it? What makes us fall in love, or even out of love? Is it possible, that love can be controlled and manipulated to fit one person more than the other? In the short story, ¨The Chaser¨, John Collier proposes that men want a woman that can be easily controlled to fit their definition of a perfect wife. Puppy love, lust, infatuation; these are the feelings that people have being head over heels for somebody in the beginning of the relationship. In the story Alan has found a woman, Diana, who he believes he is completely in love with, but she is not as passionate about the relationship. He wants control over her, to be sure that she will never want for anything but him. A love potion is something from fairy tales that is difficult to find and give to the victim; when an old man who dabbles in spells and potions and things tells Alan about this…show more content…
We have all been told at some point in our lives “be careful what you wish for”. This old man foretold ironic events to follow Alan if he purchased the love potion. It showed that women don 't really have much of a choice in relationships, if a man likes you, then you have to like him; even if that means getting put under a spell. Men think they want a women that can be controlled and monitored in everything they do. Men do not want a woman who have other dreams and ambitions other than being his loyal wife; but if the woman is around “too much” she is considered a nag. Real relationships take both sides being loyal and involved in a marriage. So is there really any winning for women in the end with this mindset of
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