The Perfect Match Rhetorical Analysis

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Tae Kyun Kim
Donna T. Middleton
English 101
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The Perfect Match “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” is mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. Everyone has a desire to pursue happiness, and everyone deserves to pursue happiness. For this being the reason, one of the most popular subjects of many advertisements and commercials is happiness to target consumers so that they will be drawn to their messages. Shown from the compositions, the Axe advertisement sends the message that consumers should buy the product in order to find their perfect match. This is linked indirectly to the theme of happiness that draws consumers’ attention. Various objects that are shown in this advertisement convey a message about the
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The text, "NEW AXE ANARCHY FOR HIM + FOR HER" advertises that the company released the new products that are not only for men but also women. However, what does "UNLEASH THE CHAOS" imply? Let us look at the way the man and the woman are looking at each other. They look as if they are deeply drawn to each other; the facial expression that the man has makes it clearer. Also, both of their eyes are wide open, indicating that they are astonished to see each other. The way they are looking at each other looks as if they are ready to literally “Unleash the Chaos.” As it is mentioned, the dress codes are very different from each other. It demonstrates that they are not likely to meet each other in an everyday life because the woman does not look like she belongs in that part of the town. However, the Axe advertisement tries to promote that those consumers who use this product can attract people of the opposite gender. The text, “Chaos” also indicates what is to come. Since they are drawn to each other so intensely, they are not paying attention to what they are holding. Look at the amount of the fireworks the woman has. Also, look how powerful the blow torch is. If they were lit up at the same time, it’s more than enough to blow up the whole area that they are standing at. The fire and the fuse are so close to each other that if they get any closer, there is no doubt that there will be “Chaos.” Axe company gives customers the idea that if they use the Anarchy product, they will be able to attract and distract others until the point they “Unleash the
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