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The Perfect storm, by Sabestine Junger, was a book that had the reader asking for more. This book took the readers to a journey deep in the dark blue seas. It is about a whole crew on the ship Andrea Gail battling a storm that potentially ended their lives. In this extravagant book, Junger was able to demonstrate his message through the use of two themes: Man vs Nature, and the value of life. This would allow him to portray the important of looking at every aspect of life as it could end at anytime Throughout the book anyone can pick up one of the important theme in this book, which is Man vs Nature. For many years the Gloucester, Massachusetts was a known area for bad weather and in the first chapter , Junger was able…show more content…
In this book he demonstrates how many people have lost their life go fishing. He illustrates how dangerous it is. "The impact of the waves crumpled inch-thick steel like sheet metal...” (Junger, pg123) This allows the readers to envision the destructive waves in the sea as it crushes the ship and end the life of the crew. He also demonstrates how crucial it is to get the weather report on the way to the destination and on the way back home, “ Weather report are vitally important to the fishing, but not so much for heading home ; when the end of the trip comes, captain generally just haul their gear and go!” (Junger, 90) This quote illustrates how most captain does not check the weather report which means he did not value the Mother Nature. This carelessness can lead to death of the whole crew. This is somewhat true whenever it comes to the “the Perfect storm” as Billy the captain only knew until their way back home he told his fellow teammates. However it was too little too late as many individuals lost there value of life as it could be taken away from you in an incent. This would once again allow the reader to put their everyday life into

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