The Perfect Storm Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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After reading The Perfect Storm, by Sebastian Junger, I have concluded that the book kept my attention throughout, but I believe it could have improved. The storyline is scattered among many different stories, all centered around the meteorological nightmare of October of 1991. The setting, time, and place quickly change from story to story as most end in human lives being slain by the storm. I believe the movie is structured better, as it is centered around only one story, the story of a Gloucester, Massachusetts fishing crew on the Andrea Gail. I do not think the author had the experience of these men, whom he wrote about to remember and respect. In my opinion, this book could have been structured better, in more of an organized manner. Overall, I believe multiple improvements could have been made to this book. Moreover, this book begins in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Six men aboard the Andrea Gail embark on a difficult fishing trip in late October. These men make their living on swordfishing and tuna…show more content…
The movie only focuses on the story of the Andrea Gail and the men from Gloucester. I think the overall story is better off this way. For example, I think if the book was written like this, the reader would become more connected to the characters and the book. The reader would go through the same emotions and feelings as the characters because they experienced the same event simultaneously. All in all, I think the book has a great story, but lacks a proper structure for the story at hand. Sebastian Junger, the author, did a fine job presenting the information he gathered, but also lacked the story structure and plot that a novel has. The book, The Perfect Storm, would have been much better if stuck to one storyline. Regardless of the written text, we still have to respect and appreciate these courageous men, who lost their lives in a true battle of men against
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