The Perfect World In Kurt Vonnegut's '2BRO2B'

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Everyone has thought about what a perfect world would look like. The beauty and the happyness that you would see every day. The thing is that there is no such thing as perfect world. The short story “2BRO2B”, by Kurt Vonnegut, sums it up greatly. The story is about a perfect world, but the only way the population can be sustained is if one person dies for the next generation. One of the main themes that occures throughout the text is that, a truly perfect world will never happen on the planet earth. In the righsing action of the story, the painter talks to the orderly. THeir conversation goes like this, “‘What’s your idea of what life looks like?’ said the orderly. Thee picture gestured at a foul dropcloth. ‘There’s a good picture of it,’
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