The Perils Of Indifference: A Short Story

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The Perils of Indifference: Jermaine's story

Jermaine woke up, took care of his hygiene, ate, and went to work just like any other day. Normal huh? Not this time, this one choice of being indifferent changed his life forever. Jermaine Michaels Jr. woke up to a new day, he was always happy, he always was thankful of the little things in life. His parents were his #1 supporters, supporting him ever since he was born and said he was grateful for them. He's 29, has a lot of wisdom and experience, sometimes outsmarting his parents. He made mistakes, as everybody does, but sometimes he'd learn not to do something without even doing it! He grew up a middle class life having just enough, if not more guidance than needed. He was the perfect
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A whole year had gone by without Christine being home, and Jermaine was worried. On July 26, 2013, Jermaine filed a missing person report. It was quickly ignored and Jermaine just went back to work. He followed the day up at a night club, then went to the back alley to go back to his car, he then saw Trey carrying Christine's dead body into his white van, screaming "I told you I'd get you back you ____!"
Weeks went by, then years, Jermaine then turns to the habit of drinking. All day, every day he would just drink, drink, and drink. After a couple of years, he would murder his son. An addict on drugs, he then would commit suicide that same day. His final words were expressed on paper.
'Mom, Dad, if you're reading this then I'm already dead. I have learned my lesson on the perils of indifference, and I hope you will too. I have witnessed Christine getting murdered, and I did nothing. Thank you for the best childhood ever and I wish you guys the best on the road going forward. But, do not dread on me, do not wish I was still here. I am a scumbag and I do not deserve to be alive. Therefore, I have written this suicide letter. Love,
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