The Perils Of Indifference And Susan B. Wiesel's Speech

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“As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can rest.” Nelson Mandela. Recent years especially the 20th century was characterized by violence and disrespect to human rights. For instance, in 1872, Susan B Anthony was denied her right of voting where she voted illegally and after arrested and fined (Anthony, 1872). It was because there was inequality in American especially sex differences where women were left behind. Again, in these years, there was violence that involved the killing of people in different corners of the world. These included various aggressive activities that were carried out by multiple aggressors like Hitler and different massacre that happened in the different countries like Rwanda, Nigeria, Eritrea and Jews Genocide (Wiesel, 1999).…show more content…
Anthony, Martin Luther and other. Different human rights activists wrote and made speeches that advocated for equality. It is why we are going to compare and contrast two speeches, one by Susan B. Anthony “On Woman’s Right to Vote" and Elie Wiesel's speech "The Perils of Indifference." When comparing these two statements, one can realize that they have some similarities like, they all advocate for human rights and they all give a useful message to the whole world. However, these speeches have also got some differences like the fact that Susan talked more about her personal experience in human rights abuse, but Elie talked more about having empathy, and humanity. It shows that these two speeches have got some similarities and
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