Zhenguan In The Tang Dynasty

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The period of Zhenguan in the Tang Dynasty is famous in China, but is not as famous as the Flourishing Kaiyuan Reign Period in the Tang Dynasty and the prosperity Kangxi and Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty. Therefore, there are not so many standard essays written about the period of Zhenguan, especially the causes of the appearance of Zhenguan. However, the period of Zhenguan is one of the most important process of developing a new country to be the one of the most powerful countries in the world at that time. The experience of keeping the politics incorruptible and society stable can be the guide book to help nowadays country’s development. Emperor Taizong of Tang, as the imperial emperor, is like a helmsman to control the course of the country…show more content…
During the period of Zhenguan, the politics was bright, the populations of people increased obviously, the communications with foreign countries in Asia and European were frequent, the agriculture and handicraft developed, and China became the most powerful countries in Asia. It is amazing that the period of Zhenguan appeared just after thirty-one years after the establishment of the Tang Dynasty in 618. To analyze the inconceivable appearance of the period of Zhenguan in the Tang Dynasty, Emperor Taizong of Tang (Li Shimin) was the person who could not be ignored, because he was the second emperor in the Tang Dynasty and Zhenguan was the reign title of him. His fantastic leadership was one of the most important elements caused the flourished period in the early stage of the Tang…show more content…
By reading the history of the previous dynasties, he realized that the fading of each dynasty was caused by the fatuity of Emperors and the ignorance of unconscious tyranny. Listening to only one side and currying favor were the causes of the fatuity and ignorance of emperors, so he wanted his ministers to supervise him to do the right things and followed the Tang Laws. He encouraged all his ministers to give advice to build the country better and point out the mistakes he made in his dominion. This decision created the period of Zhenguan as a honest political period, because they could supervise the emperor, who was the core of the feudal government to do the right things, instead of blinding the eyes by his achievements. For instance, Emperor Taizong of Tang liked hunting very much, though he had declined the times of hunting after became the emperor, he would still do some huntings in several years. Once he went out of palace to hunt in the forest and lived in a small, poor village, unfortunately, it started to rain when he was hunting, so the receptionist of the small village held an umbrella for him. However, the rain was so heavy that the small umbrella could not prevent the rain pouring down, so Emperor Taizong of Tang’s clothes became wet. He was unsatisfied with the rain and the person who held the umbrella for him, but his complaint was heard by his minister Wei
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