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The History of the Periodic Table The periodic table is an essential tool used by scientist all over the world and in all domains. The title of the “Creator of the Periodic Table” has shifted from scientist to scientist, however it is first and foremost necessary to know how the Table was created in order understand that not one person is completely responsible for the creation of the periodic table. It was a string of research and information all tied together by the scientist that would eventually lead to the creation of the modern day periodic table. The first steps taken in the making of the periodic table were those made in ancient history. In the ancient times, the use of gold, silver, tin, copper, and some other elements were inadvertently…show more content…
Newlands was a chemist from england who was the first to use the all too familiar table format to organize the elements. He took the work from german scientist Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner and improved it. This is where we can begin to see scientist using other scientist’s work and building upon it. He took Döbereiner’s law of triads and changed it ever so slightly. As Döbriener only worked in relatively small groups of elements, Newlands wanted to compare all the existing elements to each other. Like a few scientists before him, Newlands organized his table in order of atomic weight. He grouped elements together in groups of seven and noticed that when doing so, the first element in each group had similar properties to the first elements in the other groups. This is where the law of Octaves was created (“History of the Periodic Table”). Some of the challenges faced by Newlands was the amount of criticism that he received. He received this criticism due to the “un organized” form organization that Newlands decided to use. Newlands left no box empty for adjustment and some boxes even had more than one elements occupying it. The chemical society even refused to publish his work due to his way of placing the elements (“Development of the Periodic

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