The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Analysis

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Rationale Taking about drugs, youth, friendships and sex, the novel The perks of being a wallflower describes the complex life of Charlie. Charlie was an introvert young boy who has psychological issue. But after meeting Sam and Patrick, Charlie changed and be willing to express himself. At the end, his friends went to college and he started to live a life on his own. The experience in the tunnel is the first time Charlie opens his heart to others after all these years. The anonymous song in the radio is a sign of the start of Sam, Patrick and Charlie’s relationship. After years, they may end up differently. They three may be still together. They may be friend no more. They may be separated because of various reasons. They may end up differently and have their own life. Using the song as the connection between them, I chose to write a letter of Charlie 23 years after the story in the book. The diary will talk about Charlie’s feelings and thoughts after hearing Sam’s phone call that talks about the death of David Bowie. The content will also talk about how their life are after all these years. As an extension of the ending of the original book, the diary will continuous with the book. According to the book, I figure that Sam and Charlie are in love, but they are unable to get together. That’s because of their problem they’ve meet when they were young. Because of the experience, Sam and Charlie are acting weird when meeting people with opposite sex: Sam’s having the feelings
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