Themes In The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

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Stephen Chbosky The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a novel about a group of people connected through Charlie, the main character of the book. Each character has been through some kind of trama, some less sever then others trama, but all take tawols on their mental state and also there relationships. Each person has a different trauma they have been through, or a different addiction that isn't quite healthy, but there is one theme that connects them. “We accept the love we think they deserve” is a sentence that was spoken by Bill,Charlie's english teacher who he is close with, when Charlie ask him about Sam and why she doesn't believe she is good enough for a good man who will treat her right. The common theme of “we accept the love we think…show more content…
Patrick was the one who helped Charlie slowly start to make new friends, and was the one to label him as a wallflower and accept that status. While Patrick tries to help Charlie figure out himself, Sam, who is stressing about school and suffering through the memories of her past, and his secret boyfriend Brad, who refuses to come out, he doesn't seem to know how to take care of himself. Patrick truly loves Brad, but Brad doesn't want anyone to know afraid of what people will think of a gay football player and scared of what his dad will do if he found out. There was night were Brad and Patrick were caught tho and after that Brad didn't talk to Patrick again and tried to beat him up. After these events Patrick turned to drugs, alcohol and anonymous sex to try and numb his pain until he can go away to college. Even though Patrick was a good brother and friend and tries to help others he didn't know how to help himself and find a love for himself and from the people are him. The Perks of Being a Wallflower theme of “we accept the love we think we deserve” is found throughout the book but in different ways for each character. Charlie is the main character so this theme is shown very strongly in him, but it is also shown strongly in Sam and Patrick. Each of them has different issues, like PTSD, sexual assault, not being loved, and is trying to find a way to get over it slowly.
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