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The Most Admirable Woman The person who I admire the most in life is my grandma Valerie. I have a very authentic relationship with her that I am very contented for. When I turned sixteen, she passed down a beautiful ring to me that was her mother’s, she wanted me to cherish this gift for years to come. She said to me “whenever you feel like you’re doing something wrong, you just look down at that ring and know I’m watching”. It was a moment I hold dear to my heart and will remember for the rest of my life. My grandmother always gives me the best advice! She always provided me with guidance whether I asked for it or not. My grandma is an all-around good person, I look up to my “Gram” and hope to be just like her. Her personality is happy, smiling, and outspoken, she was never afraid to voice her opinion. I want to be just as joyful and fun-loving as my grandmother one day. My grandmother is such a kind woman, she would assist anyone who needed it. She rescues animals, volunteers at her church, and donates to the needy. My grandma helps me through tough situations. She’s always there if I need someone to talk to, I can tell her anything. There is “never a dull moment” when I’m with my grandma, she definitely knows how to have fun. When I was…show more content…
She always gives the finest advice to me and anyone else in need. My grandma reminds me to do the right thing and think about the choices I make. She is a generous and loving person, I’m glad to be so close to her and I’m privileged to have someone as supporting as her in my life. Grandma is always there for me and happy to help at any time. She is continuously helping me through rough times and the hardships I’m faced with. She is a beautiful person inside and out. Being around her makes me want to be a better person. I will always appreciate the things she does for me and embrace the time we spend together. I admire my grandma because she is everything I hope to be one
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