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Hi! I’m Salvatore; call me “Sammy” for short. The goal of this essay is to better reflect the person that I am, so that whoever reads this can learn about my personality and individuality, and why I should attend your school. My school grades may be deceiving, which is why I feel the need to write about this. During my early high school years I wasn’t maximizing my full potential; I believe that I have much more brain and willpower than my past happens to represent. I will bravely admit that I made the shortsighted choice of not trying hard to complete homework and try hard on tests, even if I had the mental capability to do so in my freshman, sophomore, and junior years. I know that I have much more intellect that I kept quiescent in the past …show more content…

One significant fact is that I’ve worked at Best Buy since last year. I am an avid computer geek and I have loved technology my entire life. Building computers and playing with gadgets has always been my forte, and it has played a big part in my life. One relatively large reason my grades last year weren’t the best was due to my ignorance on how to balance school and work, which was horrible because I got so behind on everything. Luckily, this year I have been able to overcome that objective and I can perfectly balance my hours of work with school study and homework. I have been working 30 hours a week to save up for college, and a car, and a majority of what I own! The reason I work so much while attending high school is because I believe that I need money to have a sustained collection of savings that I can use when I am in college and really need it. Although working that much has made me struggle in the past, I have been able to overcome that challenge and I can now work my hours to pay for my belongings, including a phone bill, car payments, insurance, gas, and other necessities. Mentioning this is significant because my belongings signify my persistence to not give up when times may be hard and when the light doesn’t always shine at the end of the tunnel. I have become a very

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