The Personality And Challenges Of Fashion In The World

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I think before I haven 't come here to learn fashion kingdom is full of vitality and creativity, the designers shuttle in the fashion runway show, such as the four major fashion weeks, such as Milan, Fifth Avenue, the Seventh Avenue. And their life is busy and exciting. Of course, also full of fierce competition and challenges. And pass over Marangoni learning I understand that a sound fashion system is composed of three parts by the technology, production and sales. They complement each other, and they constitute a whole. People in the fashion industry is not as easy as I think, because they are behind the scenes of fashion and need to pay a lot. Before a small time that fashion is to fashion, think a thing is very good-looking, a lot of people like to call fashion. When you grow up, you can only realize that fashion is a kind of symbol that can express itself. It is a kind of personality and attitude towards life. Through his own life, the designer is aware of, and put it into a story collection, in order to find and conquer and she has the same feeling. So as to form a fixed consumer groups. Of course, a good designer should have a certain business mind, it is necessary to understand the needs of the market, so as to achieve the design of the work not only by the market acceptance and love more by their own unique style. Fashion is a trend, he sometimes also reflects the current social environment and social form, it has a close connection with the arts and film. It is

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