The Personas In Sophocles 'Medea Reaches Maturity'

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Medea’s Personas “Love is a dangerous thing, Loving without any limit. Discredit and loss it can bring. But, oh, if the goddess should visit A love that is modest and right, No god is exquisite. Great lady, aim not at me Your gold and infallibly Passion-tipped poisoned delight.” (Euripides 359) Throughout the play, we get the idea that Medea and Jason once loved each other to the fullest. But there to me, Medea really does not know what being in love truly is. She seems to be hungry for it rather than feeling it. For her, Jason seemed to be on her top list of people who she is willing her every piece of her life to be with. This is where we begin to see her morality crumble up, as she loses her sanity so much, that she kills her brother…show more content…
It can be filled with both affection, and hate. Medea devotion to love is big. As stated in journals “Medea Reaches Maturity” Medea is marked by strong sexual jealousy; she does not act out of anger and heroic pride; she is driven by a perilous combination of frustrated love, jealousy and envy (“Medea Reaches Maturity” 449). The chorus is aware of Medea’s passion, but Jason describes Medea’s love, not as human emotion, but as a powerful lust that the gods bestowed on her. Therefore, to break that love was a big mistake, since in her eyes, she has done a lot for…show more content…
She is a woman who feels complete around a man. Based on Knox insight, Medea, regardless of her power, her destiny is to marry, bear and raised children, and go where her husband goes, subordinate her life to his, because all she has is her children and husband, but when Jason betrays her, she dedicates her force of that intellect and energy turning it all against him (Knox 292). We should be against her ideals, but the fact is that she devoted her life for Jason, often making difficult decisions and denying opportunities she had just to have her time and energy be wasted on Jason. It the sole reason why she turns against him. In my few, the tragedy is not her, it’s him, because he loses a big portion of his life. His new wife is dead with the king, and his children are dead as well, and Medea will not let him get near them, due to her maternal side. She turned his life into dust for the sake of her love and her children. If you read the play carefully, you can see that she truly loved her children, but it wasn’t enough to let Jason have them. One thing to not is that Medea in Euripides play had no magical powers until she was rescued by the god Helios, which is deemed that she turn into some sort of superhuman but she is just a betrayed woman with two good skills, cunning and poison (Knox 285). Medea is a powerful female character but not necessarily a super being. It is perhaps her backstory and

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