The Persuasive Essay Of Banning Books

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Books contain profanity that children cannot and might not be able to handle. Profanity: blasphemous or obscene language. Banning books violates our 1st amendment, but some books contain graphic materials such as sexual content and various types of profanity that explains why books should be banned. Sexual content is one thing that should make the banning books topic way more in depth than it is. The use of sexual content in books might make children ask their parents or even teachers and friends that question which is what is sex? Or content used in books to make the book very sexual. If the child were to tell their parents about what they read it would may lead to grounding or more severe punishment. Kids should not learn the use of “Sex”…show more content…
Violence at school is banned kids might use them from some violence in books to use in reality and get in trouble or more. Fighting children could cause mighty the damage or the children might break something and go to the hospital and pay mass amounts of money for a book antagonizing him to use violence. Books could even cause children to hurt themselves if its say a dark book and could cause kids to change their appearance and mothers and fathers might take that a bad feeling because of just a book. Language used in books is a huge offence and very bad for younger kids and premature teenagers. No one would want a report home telling your parents that your son cursed from profanity in a book. Books with profanity cause children to use words that aren’t allowed in schools and many other places of the world. Cursing in books could change a kid’s whole appearance. In conclusion my opinion on book banning is that books should be banned based on their sexual content profanity cursing violence and more. Book banning is a necessity schools need to keep their children from cursing violence and many other things some books could contain that could cause a scene. Banning books stops unnecessary violence and vulgar language from out breaking in many areas of the
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