The Persuasive Essay: The Problem Of Bullying

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Bullying can be a serious problem. It occurs when someone is making fun of someone else because they either don’t like them or are jealous and want to make someone else feel bad to make them feel better. Bullying can mentally break someone down. You could be the reason someone dreads coming to school. A bully can make someone lose all of their friends. If someone spreads one nasty rumor about you then the whole school will know in about two days. Whether is was true or not it probably wasn’t good. This means people will start to want to not be around a person because of what was said. Bullying isn’t a cool thing to do. It doesn’t make you any more popular, and it doesn’t get you anymore friends. Even if you are the bully you can still be harmed by the relationship. If you bully someone then you have a chance that your friends could go hang out with other people because they’re scared you might bully them or don’t want to be seen with a bully. Bullying is a bad thing to do that can label you for life. I once heard a saying from one of my favorite teachers,” Those who hurt are hurting.” It sounds a little confusing at first but think about it for a minute. Those who hurt are hurting. It basically means, that bully who you think of as a jerk with no feelings whatsoever, they are going through some hard times and are only doing this to make themselves believe they are fine. They might going through the same amount of hurt they are giving you. They might be just trying to cover

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