The Persuasive Essay: Why Languages Die Out?

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Other than the global languages we talk and learn, there are languages we can’t learn, yes the languags we aren’t able to learn. Languages, and with languages big or small cultures are forgetten due to the conditions we live in. Languages die out and become endangered more than we know in the world. The three aspects for why languages die out that I’m going to lean on are; popular culture, immigration and social-job life. Teenagers who are from diffrerent cultures are being bullied by peers in their school especially in the US. As the Arab-Americans and Islams who live in the US create 5.5 million of the population (3.5 Arab and 2 million Islam). 43% of these teens have been faced the fact that they and their school mates seperate at a point. When people start to realize it they always try to show them that they won’t be a part of their culture. They discriminate tehm as they talk…show more content…
Not only by economic or political ways language can become endangered by social ways. Social-job life is a big factor for endangered languages, Looking at a persons name or they nation people the managers who hire workers to their company become prejudist and they even don’t give a chance to them to express themselves. There happens misunderstandings between the manager and the worker who applied for the job. Because the worker doen’t have the perfect language the communication becomes tough. As we see IMMIGRATONWORKSUSA webpage, “In 2007, foreigners accounted for nearly half of all workers with less than a high school education. The U.S. needs these workers to fill seasonal and unskilled jobs.” As we see the American workers at a Aerican company are more than the foreign worker population as the result of not giving a chance to them When it comes to the social part, people won’t be aware of whats going on in the world because they use the non-lasted language, also the latest trends and

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