The Persuasive Speech: Melanoma And Skin Cancer

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Every person loves to go to a hot beach and go tanning. Every year more than 3.5 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed. (1) Although as we are enjoying ourselves we are actually hurting our bodies extremely. If you are going on a sunny beach vacation be smart about what you are doing. Have you ever thought about that? Lying in the sun getting that perfect tan is extremely dangerous to your body. Melanoma is a skin cancer which can be located all over you body. So why not tan in a tanning bed? Well it is almost just as bad! What is melanoma? Melanoma or also known as malignant melanoma which is a type of cancer. Melanoma is a skin cancer which can be located anywhere in the body, there is also no age of when it is most likely to develop this cancer. Doctors believe that exposure to UV rays of the sun, and tanning lamps/beds are the leading cause of melanoma. (2) If you are a young toddler and get a severe sunburn this may be a risk of skin cancer later in life. People in whom live in very warm places all year around such as Australia, Hawaii, and Florida have a larger chance of developing skin cancer, this is because their bodies are exposed to the sun daily. Also in some of the colder northern locations with the country having very light skinned people will also have a higher risk. Majority of the people that develop skin cancer are probably addicted to getting that perfect tan. Many people who use tanning beds and lamps don not think about the effects that it
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