Persuasive Essay: The Importance Of Searches In Schools

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School searches are a highly debated topic among schools. Searches are used to maintain safety. There is a lot of backgroung that goes into searches and although they arent meant to protect students and school, there are many people who oppose it but also some who support. There are many laws and personal rights that schools have to follow in order to conduct a school search. The U.S. Consitution protects peoples ' privacy. Reasonable suspicion is a standard for student searching. A search must be justified and reasonable grounds and also related in scope to the circumstances that justified the search (Ehlenberger). Even though schools dimish our 4th Amendment rights , the Court made a standard that help our rights within the school system.…show more content…
Although drug education is taught in school, it seems like the message just isn 't getting through. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported an annual study that showed “more than half of all students have tried drugs at least once by the time they were in 12th grade” (Robinson). This indicated that even though the consequences are taught in school, students still take the risk. Secondly, school searches keep us from wanting to bring those incriminating things on school grounds. They are thought to “deter those who would think of bringing drugs or firearms on the campus” (Robinson). Through common sense you can see how students wouldn’t bring drugs onto school grounds because they would run the risk of getting caught and in serious trouble. Lastly, using drug dogs in drug searches casts a sense of security for parents and also students. as stated in the article, "I may not be able to control what students do off school property, but i do not want parents or students to fear that they will be in class with other studenst who are under the influence" (Robinson). This shows how drug searches/ dogs can minimize parents and students worry about if they 're in a safe school. In conclusion, I believe drug searches are very productive and important in school systems to keep everyone
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