The Pestele And Pest Analysis Of Nestle

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Nestlé is one of the top ranked food and beverages company with more than 2000 brands headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland. The intent of Nestlé is to be the world 's recognized first rated Nourishment, Health and Wellness Company, and exemplification of the industry for monetary management, trusted by every single stakeholder. It is committed to afford not only healthier but also tastier food and drinks at all age demographics and at all times of the day to boost people’s life up; Nestlé’s top priority is to ensure the first rated quality and safety of the products for consumers followed by their slogan, “Good food, Good Life”. To look back on the origins of Nestlé, it all started in 1866, when two different business enterprises were established, that would later joined together to form the basis of Nestlé. The products of Nestlé include baby foodstuffs, bottled water, breakfast cereals and cornflakes, chocolate and confectionery, coffee, culinary, chilled and frozen victuals, dairy products, drinks, food service, healthcare sustenance, ice cream and lastly pet care. Some of the well-known brands of Nestlé are Milo, KitKat, Nescafé, Coffee-mate and Maggi.
This essay includes the definition of PESTEL analysis and the Porter’s five forces of Nestlé, and how these forces effect the market environment, and strategic recommendations for Nestlé to avoid problems.

Definition of PESTEL analysis

PESTEL analysis is known as the strategic implement used to be

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