The Pestle Analysis Of Lululemon

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PESTLE analysis Political Lululemon operates at wide range of market. It must look at regulations and law in each of countries that they operate in. Lululemon is fast growing company that open stores or franchise in market such as America, Japan, Australia and Europe. It is sensitive to business law regulation in different countries, and they tax regulation. Tax level set for businesses by government have direct effect for how profitable the Lululemon company is. Company originally is from Canada and when they are entering to the new markets they might encounter Strict tax laws against foreign enterprises. Patents are very important in Lululemon operation to have advantage of their competitor. Company need to have patent in all countries that they operate to ensure their unique value. All the regulations about design patent need to be monitored by company. Government policies supporting active and healthy lifestyle can have effect on Lululemon. With growing market, there will be opportunity to grow. Canadian government introducing Workplace Fitness Program Policy, and many other countries that Lululemon operate have also such policies. It is opportunity for Lululemon. Economic Lululemon products prices are higher that their competition and their business model is supported on fitness enthusiasm. Like all businesses they are sensitive to economic situation on global and local markets. Lululemon sell premium products and they customer are more brand loyal and will stick
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