The Pestle Analysis Of Singapore Airlines

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1. Pestle Analysis: a. Political: SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES has a good reputation with other airlines with the agreement of “Open Skies”. Also SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES is a member with the Star Alliance with United Air and China Air, allowing it to market it service on another airline.). Given that these carriers are seen as representing the nation, they tend to receive a great deal of support from government, and globally, many remain government-owned. Also Government taxes on aviation industry, permits and exemptions provided to various aviation organization can affect the competitiveness and service delivery • Economics: The Airplane industrial is huge and depend a lot on the fuel, with the oil price fluctuating up and down, the price of the tickets will be effect and thus it will affect the service provided. Middle East, exemplified by the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ of 2011 has helped to bring oil prices to unprecedented levels (Hakimian 2011), which is directly, and negatively impacting airlines’ fuel costs. • Social: Singapore is an attracted touristic country this will have an effect on the airline service.. Even airlines with premium positioning strategies like Singapore Airlines have found that they have little choice but to enter this market. Also the trend that the airline service changed from just luxury way of transportation to an important mean of transportation since most business requires many traveling and also the trading must now go through

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