The Phantom Of The Opera Analysis

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The daytime class contains fewer students than the nighttime class, so I broke the daytime class into three groups. Each group was required to act out one scenario; the scene with Messieurs Debienne and Poligny signing the Opera House to Messieurs Richard and Moncharmin was omitted. One student was absent, so the Comte de Chagny was cut from the Christine’s shining moment. The groups consisting of three people, five people, and three people had approximately twenty-five minutes to discuss how they would act out their characters with the other students in their group.
Only five students were present at the beginning of the nighttime class; therefore, I chose the scene with Messieurs Richard and Moncharmin buying the Opera House. Four other students arrived late to class. The tardy students were three men and a girl, so I let them perform as Christine, Raoul, Erick, and Philippe. A final student
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Actors have performed the show in more than 35 countries and in 15 different languages (The Show: Facts and Figures); plus, critics and audience members across the globe warmly received the movie version of the musical. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s version of the story has memorable songs with beautiful lyrics. Christine’s most famous song in the musical is titled “Think of Me.” I copied the lyrics for this song and chose thirteen phrases from the song. The phrases I chose ranged in vocabulary and grammar difficulty. I also selected a few lyrics from the song that were easy to hear and understand, and particular lyrics that were a little more difficult to hear. I bought a small notebook with blank pages and wrote one of the thirteen phrases on two separate pieces of paper each. For example, I wrote “Think of me fondly” in its entirety on two separate pieces of paper. After I wrote the thirteen phrases, I created thirteen more phrases that sounded similar to the phrases in the
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