The Phenomenon: The Rise Of Interpersonal Communication

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The Phenomenon

Life is indeed very challenging before the advent of technology and the people of today’s generation are fortunate to see the rise of this phenomenon. These technologies make almost everything just one click away and its influence is evidently showed in the way of living of the people today. The interactive technology, specifically, (e.g., internet, mobile phones) is already a vital part of the society. The government, educational institutions, businesses, health sector, households and every individual are engaged in this global phenomenon. With the manifestation of influence of the interactive technology, also termed as the new media, the young people of the 21st century are definitely the most exposed to it.
A key reason young people spend more time consuming media these days than in previous years is that there are ever-expanding opportunities for them to do so (Rideout, Foehr, & Roberts, 2010). With so many options in the new media such as music, movies and video games, its availability to the adolescents has become more accessible even from a single device because of technological innovation. According to Lenhart (2012), the adolescent cell phone ownership in America has increased from 45% in 2004 to 77% in 2011. Here in the Philippines, the estimated mobile phone subscribers would increase to 115 million in 2016 from 87 million in 2010 ( Mobile phones have become the primary medium of interpersonal

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