The Philippine Origin Of The Legend Of Makahiya

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The Legend of Makahiya What fascinates people about the Makahiya plant is not based on it 's pale pink or purple flower heads, but of it 's rapid moving leaflets. The Legend of Makahiya is a Filipino myth that originated in Barangay Masagana, but today we call it Pampanga. The connection I have with this Filipino myth is that I, too am Filipino, specifically Ilocano and my parents were born in Ilocos Norte. Although, Ilocos Norte and Pampanga are two different provinces, they both share the same region, Luzon. Being in the same region helped the myth spread around and become well-known. In the Legend of Makahiya, you will learn how the Makahiya plant got its name and why it 's often called the "touch-me-not" plant. The Legend of Makahiya takes place in Barangay Masagana, where a wealthy couple, Mang Dongdong and Aling Iska had a twelve-year-old daughter named Maria. Maria was kind, acquiescent, and responsible. Although, Maria was endearing to everybody, she was very shy when talking to people. Maria would isolate herself from others by locking herself in her room. She would also tend to her flower garden, which she cared for compassionately. "Tending her garden gives Maria contentment and happiness. She can be herself in her garden, not having to worry about being around with people (Anza, Page 1)." Dumon Page 2 One day, a news spread about a group of bandits that had raided neighboring towns. During this time, the bandits were known as Spaniards. From

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