The Philippines: Causes Of Climate Change In The Philippines

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Philippines has long been affected by climate change. Many lives were lost because of these typhoons that consecutively entered the country and caused a lot of disaster. Philippines is the 4th most disaster-prone country in the world, according to a research. It is because of two main reasons: geography and development. In addition, Philippines as an island state which is particularly exposed to the natural hazards of cyclones, flooding and sea level rise. There are four types of climate existing in the Philippines: Type I, Type II, Type III, and Type IV based on rainfall distribution. Climatic Type I is characterized by two pronounced seasons which is the dry and the wet. Climate II has no dry season but has a very pronounced rainfall from November to January. Climatic type III is somehow between Climatic Type I and Climatic type II but is more similar to the Type I climate. It has a relatively short dry season which lasts for one to three months only. Lastly, Type IV climate where rainfall is more or less evenly distributed throughout the year. Philippines has tropical location and surrounded by bodies of water that’s why it is characterized by high temperatures. 26.6 degrees celsius is the average annual temperature and 25.8 degrees celsius is the minimum. In order for us to farther understand this study regarding global warming we must know the different typhoons that causes a huge disaster in the country. Global warming is increasing the frequency and intensity of

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