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This paper aims to dissect “A” as not just an issue of thought experimentation, but also as a means for the furthering of philosophical theories of Louis Zukofsky, considering his bend of mind and his preference for a scientific model of representation. We may contest whether there even was a formal movement that held the banner of Objectivist writing, or if it was merely an empty revolution only in printed name, but Zukofsky’s writings are in a class by themselves. This will be dealt with in the first few sections of my dissertation. Thus, whether or not there were other writers who could have claimed to align themselves to his mode of genius, Zukofsky most certainly behaved as an author who was consciously going through all the pointers on an invisible check-list for the movement.…show more content…
Theories of philosophies of science juxtaposed with theories from the philosophies of Literature will aid in the debate that both the perception and the recording of reality are two sides of the same coin, each with their own guidelines and discourses (as we shall observe later on in this dissertation). Several theories including the debate between realism and relativism, Karl Popper’s Falsification theory debasing the Inductivism theory , the difference between pseudo-science and non-science and other philosophical testing hypotheses will be analysed and employed as an overarching theme to understanding the works of

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