The Philosophies Of Academic Education

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Learning Philosophy These days, education plays an important role in everyone 's lives. That is why I believe that education is not just about going to school. Education is anything and everything you learn. I believe that to gain a good education we have to know certain learning philosophies and abide by them. Therefore, this paper will discuss my learning philosophies in terms of an academic education. In a good learning environment, there must be respect, responsibility, calmness, freedom, curiosity, eagerness, cooperation, encouragement, acceptance, honesty, and leadership. There must be respect between oneself and among others, including students, professors, and administrators. Students must have high responsibility for attending classes and doing their homework, studies, and duties of school or university. In addition, they have to be enthusiastic to pay attention in class and never rely on someone else. Also, the professors are obliged to deliver the concepts of their courses. They are willingly to help students at any time. In times of farce, professors should rationally manage the situations. Besides, the atmosphere in class has to be relaxing and calm. No whispering or side talks during the classroom, so everyone can concentrate and grasp the material required. "Without Freedom of Thought, there can be no such Thing as Wisdom". Students shouldn 't fear to speak up, participate, and share their opinions. Students should always be curious, energetic, and eager to
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