The Philosophy Of Care Giving In Joyce's Special Exits

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The philosophy of care giving in graphic memoir

The philosophy of life is very subtly portrayed in Joyce’s Special Exits. Special Exits by Joyce Farmer depicts the reality of life from a very different angle apparently. But later in the story, as the reader continues reading, it becomes clear to the reader that the comic scenes or instances which the author has set up are actually keeping aside from the readers the truth of life. The readers need to interpret the meaning lying underneath the comedy instances, which speak about the bitter reality of life. The author here speaks about the crumbling life of an elderly couple, who are seriously ill; they are in their last stage of life. The little life span, which they have now with them, taxes them s it has become very difficult for them to bear it anymore. However, the author very deftly and humorously portrays how the difficult situation of their life has been made lighter through their tit bits of quarrels and affection towards each other. In this story, the author describes the deterioration of the lives of an elderly couple whose internal organs have started to falter and how their middle aged daughter Laura cope with her parents and their degrading lives. It is quite interesting to notice how the author has used the comic elements in her memoir under the guise of which she attempts to delineate the difficult stage of life, which everyone has to confront (Bayer Lisa). Human beings pass
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