The Philosophy Of Diversity By Cornell Thomas And John Butler

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We as individuals deserve to be treated with respect, kindness, and non-judgmental attitudes. All individuals all deserve the same rights and privileges as well as acceptance, tolerance, and self-esteem. Last but not least, all individuals have their freedom of choice and decisions. I believe us as a nation, need to learn how to socialize more and learn from one another. In doing some research, I touched on some key words in describing how one looks at the philosophy of diversity, but Cornell Thomas and John Butler couldn’t have said it any better. Here are four main things that describes diversity. Tolerance is acceptance and open-mindedness of different practices, attitudes, and cultures; does not necessarily mean agreement with the differences. Implies an acknowledgement, or an acceptance or respect. Not necessarily an appreciation and usually consists of only surface level information (Cornell Thomas and John Butler, (2000). Essentialism/Assimilation is the practice of categorizing a group based on artificial social constructions that impart an “essence” of that group, which homogenizes the group and effaces individuality and differences. The word implies that we are forming conclusions, relationships, and other cultural ties based only on the essential elements, as determined by “us.” It also implies that there is some minimal level of understanding that applies to groups (Cornell Thomas and John Butler (2000). Multiculturalism is the practice of acknowledging and

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