Kaizen: The Human Resource Department In Sony Corporation

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1. Introduction 1.1. Introduction to Kaizen Sony Corporation is a Japan-based business unit that revolves around technology and electronic products, such as smartphones, PlayStation and television. The human resource management department in Sony Corporation functions in a way that is strongly interlinked with the implementation of various principles that are behind the philosophy of Kaizen. Kaizen is essentially a system that involves every employee within a company, regardless of their rank or their level in the company’s hierarchy, such as from chief executive officer, manager to the cleaning team. The fundamental philosophy behind Kaizen is continuous improvement and “do it better, make it better”, despite whether there are any issues…show more content…
One essential principle of Kaizen is that there are always continuous improvements to be made and there is never an end to the strive of excellence. Employees are required to work on the improvement implemented and explore different ways to make crucial process more effective and efficient for the company. Similarly, in training and development, Sony believes that the development and vitality of its employees is a main factor that drive Sony’s dynamic growth in the market. Sony recognizes its employees as important management assets and essentially focuses on the growth and development of its employees as a fundamental basis for the growth of their company. Hence, Sony provides various on-job-learning experiences for its employees, providing them with real-life challenging problems that aims to help to enhance its employees’ personal growth. These challenges help to enhance individual’s potential and their abilities that is tailored to the requirements of their present jobs and could also help to prepare them for future jobs as…show more content…
It focuses on all the essential fundamentals in a company such as teamwork, organization and creating a structured framework for the company to function well, personal discipline, improved morale and so on. Kaizen perpetuates “continuous improvement of processes and functions of an organization”. It not only focuses on the constant improvement of process in the manufacturing sector within Sony, but all other departments as well. In addition, implementing Kaizen is not the sole responsibility of one single individual within the company, it requires the input of effort from every single individual that is involved with the functioning of the company. Every member contributes through small improvements and efforts, with essentially builds up to a great progress for the company. A balance between the philosophy of continuous improvement behind Kaizen and the attempts made at creating new innovation is then required for a positive functioning

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