Ubuntu: A Conceptual Analysis

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Language gives us the ability to connect, without language we wouldn’t be able to communicate feelings, solve problems and form complex communities. Due to the many diverse cultures and languages that we have in South Africa, barriers are often formed amongst certain communities and therefore language separates us. In order to help break down those barriers and reconcile the nation, the philosophy of Ubuntu is encouraged. This module has revealed to me the huge influence language has on our lives, as individuals and as communities. Through the philosophy of Ubuntu we can learn to be more culturally sensitive through our language use, as well as to be more open minded and respectful whether it is towards language, culture or race.

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Through literature we can experience emotions and situations that different people and groups have endured, we can gain knowledge on different cultures and we can learn different languages. We are all introduced to language by our family when we are born, the language that we will speak ischosen by our parents, and they choose our name which is the beginning of our identity development. Language also tells us who we are; about our culture and where our ancestors are from. We use language to connect in interpersonal relationships, this goes beyond verbal language as gestures, speech and greetings also communicate attitudes and…show more content…
In today’s society, we need to realise that we depend on each other for our existence, we all have a role to play in the functioning of South Africa and whether we like it or not we are connected and share the same home. Ubuntu is also essential to solving issues such as starvation, lack of education, disease and poverty. Through Ubuntu we need to find equality amongst each other and learn that difference is not a barrier. I have learnt that language is more than just the words which I choose to communicate with, it makes us who we are, by giving us an identity and forming our attitudes, values and morals. It helps us identify the people in our lives and it provides a medium for communication. Through the use of language we are able to make a difference, and therefore I am going to make sure that I make more of an effort to understand the different cultures I am surrounded by in South Africa, and educate others on the philosophy of Ubuntu so that as a country we can build a stronger

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