The Philosophy Of Walt Disney And The American Dream

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Walt Disney The American Dream is the promise of equality regardless of race, gender, or economic background. It is also the promise that “anybody who can dream it, can do it.” This is the philosophy that Walt Disney lived by, and why he was able to live the American Dream to it 's fullest extent. Walter Elias Disney, most commonly referred to as “Walt” was born on December 5th, 1901. Walt was one of four boys and one girl- Roy, Raymond, Ruth, and Herbert. He was born in the northwest side of Chicago, Illinois, but lived most of his childhood in Marceline, Missouri. In Missouri Walt took his first drawing classes, and developed his love for trains. This was because his uncle, Mike Martin, was a train engineer. One summer Walt worked a summer job in the train station where he sold snacks and newspapers to other travelers. He attended McKinley High School and at his high school he took classes in drawing and photography, and also drew cartoons for the school paper. However, at 16 years old, Walt Disney dropped out of high school to join the army, but was rejected because he was too young. Because of this he joined the Red Cross, and was sent to France for a year to drive and ambulance. In 1919 he came back from France to Kansas City to try to become a newspaper artist. He began to take some courses on art at the CHicago Institute at night. When Walt Disney tried to find work, he did not have immediate success, he went to many difficulties to accomplish his goals.

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