The Physical Body In Michael Brown In Alchemy Of The Heart

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Physical Body Our physical body needs to be re-enfranchised, exercised, nourished and rested. Quite simply, we have become disembodied. This implies a need to deliberately be present with the body and listen to it: the tremors, the twitches, the tightness, the aches, the pains, the discomfort and the numbness, too. In addition, the body needs proper exercise in the form of cardiovascular training, a program of weight training, core exercises and stretching that could include yoga postures and connected breathing. The goal of yoga for yogis and yoginis is fourfold: to engage the physical body in movement; to expand sensations of how it feels to move; to have the mind reflect on the true essence of the body; and to meditate on the felt experience of the physical body and the sensations that rise for us. Finally, good nutrition and a restful night’s sleep are a must for our physical body, the foundation for our mental and emotional bodies. As the body goes, so go the mind, the soul and felt perceptions; as the mind, soul and emotions go, so goes the physical body. Michael Brown in Alchemy of the Heart reminds, The quality of our experiences is a reflection of the condition of our inner being. For our experiences to change, we must make adjustments at the causal point of these experiences. The causal point of all that occurs in our lives is the heart. The Dali Lama offers, Medical science increasingly suggests that a person who is happy and peaceful, free from fear and

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