The Physician Film Analysis

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The Physician is a very entertaining film which can be viewed from a number of different aspects. It is basically about the life of a typical Englishman name Rob Cole. Cole begins as a normal child, he quickly becomes orphaned, and later convert into apprenticed to a barber surgeon, as he travels along with his master. In fact, this film was based in the 11th century London to small villages throughout England. During that epoch England laborer 's life was extremely difficult, and families’ lives were imperiling to all sort kind of things such as morality, religion, sexuality, medicine, prejudice and necromancer or corpse, where the laws were the base of the church. All are presented historically in an interesting film, but Rob desires and determination learning medicine was beyond other peoples ' imagination. Primarily, to cure the side sickness who took away his mother and others during the middle ages where its…show more content…
It is initiated in the early morning where his master was trying to shave his face region. In that case, his master facial expression leads him to realize there was something inappropriate with his eyes, without debate or discussion he recognizes something needs to be done before it gets worst. Nevertheless, they were able to travel through a community where the Jews were settle who had great physicians in England who can help his master even though his master said it cannot be done. Subsequently, they were able to meet a doctor who made no promises of a successful operation because his master surgery was a difficult one and demand a lot of currency in advance. With that being the case, Rob gives the physician the cash without dispute and tell him to do his best because of desire to help and learn more about the medical
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