The Physics Of Baseball Pitching

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Pitching is not a very hard concept to master,in fact the pitcher is one of the most non athletic person in college and including the MLB. After people play baseball for a while, many might want to become a pitcher, but first everybody has to learn the mechanics of pitching to become a pitcher. Pitching can be affected by a number of different factors. These factors include the stride of the pitcher, the strength of their arm and shoulder and how a pitcher stretches before a game.

Pitching to many people isn 't an easy task to learn for starters. First,many have to understand the mechanics of pitching. Next,people who want to become a pitcher have to learn how. Many people have to learn the four most important steps of pitching. The easiest
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N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Nov. 2015. Most coaches have their pitchers start as far away from the plate as possible to create more movement toward the plate. Many coaches want accuracy over velocity.That is what many pitchers a taught first then as they succeed they will start throwing a little harder each year and keep strengthening the arm. When many do it right they should be throwing in the high 80’s and maybe low 90’s by college. In the MLB the range is from about 49-106 mph.The fastest pitch ever recorded is 106mph. That is very fast from the pitching mound which is 60.6 feet away. The reaction time to a 100 mph pitch is 33 milliseconds. Next, stride is the complete opposite of a stride. Without a stride it decreases speed, there is almost no movement toward home plate. It also increases the chance for the batter to get a hit. lastly, without using a stride increases more reaction time for the batter. Finally, the accuracy is also the least accurate without a stride because only people 's arms are moving toward the plate.Finally all pitchers use a stride because of the effects it has on the batters reaction…show more content…
To conclude, stretching before pitching is very important. It is important because, it helps make the tissue more flexible. Stretching prevent major injuries that can last a long time to recover from those injuries. Before pitching “warm up easy, running helps prevent buildup of lactic acid”, which can prevent injuries also. The increase of the most popular injury to pitchers is called Tommy John surgery. There are many theories to Tommy John Surgery. One of the many is the theories are, “is that all of these injuries have come from ball players throwing to much or too little in the little league and high school baseball. Some players have career ending injuries and retire at a very young age. Others a lucky enough to come back but sometimes those injuries hold them back, but have a shortened career in the MLB because of the injuries. Many have to find another career and look for another job. The others who get lucky have to regain the strength to be able to pitch again. The few work hard enough to gain their spot back on the team and are able to pitch
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