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The Pianist essay
This essay is about Wladyslaw Spizellman a Jewish musician who hide from the Nazis during the holocaust in Poland, Before Everything he used to play the Piano at the radio station, then he was put in the Ghetto and he survived. The Jewish Holocaust took place during WorldWar2 The Nazis German Started it. The holocaust last 6 years in which more than 6 million Jews died. The holocaust is also known as Shoah in Hebrew, Jewish language. The Germans killed over all Europe, around two thirds of the Jewish population died, The Holocaust included murders of the Roman ethnic poles, Soviet citizens, homosexuals, Jews, and political opponents. Jews were spread into 42000 camps, and ghettos, around 2 million Jews were murdered I mass
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The Warsaw Ghetto were Wladyslaw Spizellman was happened in Warsaw the Capital of Poland it was the biggest Jewish ghetto in all Poland Nazis occupied it during World War 2, it was established by the Nazis from October to November 16 of 1940 there were 40000 Jewish in prison the area was two small that you could find 7person/ per room from the ghetto Jews were taken to concentration camps and in there they were killed by Bullets or gas 300,000 died, another 92,000 Jews died because of Hunger and starvation, After the war was over Nazis burned Warsaw, before, Warsaw a diverse city full of Jews that lived in Poland, Germans and Russians lived in Murrow and Powazki, due to the merchancy of Jews, Jews were the richest people in Poland, during the Us depression a lot of Jews got out of Poland, Poland was the most affected country. The universal declaration of human rights Is an international document that states basic rights and fundamental freedoms, it was adopted by the united nations on Dec-10-1948. most of the rules were adopted from the experiences of the word wars, Australia played an important role on the development of it, the universal declaration recognizes the rights of all familiar members, and that all of them should be free, those rights are to all people no matter who they are or where they live, It also includes civil and political rights like the right

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