The Piano Lesson Analysis

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In The Piano Lesson by August Wilson, he explores the past to find out about people’s values and choices in the 1930s. The different values and ideals of the main characters helped them accept their history instead of ignoring it. The purpose of this essay to show the things Boy Willie valued and cared about in life and how those things impacted his future, which gets to the lesson and message of the play.
Boy Willie’s family history has influenced how he holds himself and his thoughts about what he values. One thing he values is his pride in his family and the sacrifices they’ve made.
For instance, when he finds out Berniece is putting Maretha down by making her feel ashamed that she not a boy, he says to Doaker, “What kind of thing is
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For example, Berniece told Boy Willie all he got going in his favor is his mouth and his whole life. Boy Willie the responds by saying “See now...I’ll tell you something about me. I done strung along and strung along. Going this way and that. Whatever way would lead me to a moment of peace. That’s all I want. To be as easy with everything. But I wasn’t born to that. I was born to a time of fire”(93). Boy Willie is trying to tell Berniece that he has been through many things and he has faced this thing no matter what to find a point of peace. But unfortunately he wasn’t born in a time of peace. sadly he was born in a time of hate and racial discrimination. This also tells us how he won’t expect hate into his life. Another thing Boy willie if influenced by is his ambition for example. When Boy Willie says “ I’m trying to put my mark on this earth before I die just like my dad did before he passed and if that means I have to sell the piano then I will”(94). He’s trying to say that the only way he can be his true self is if he is able to do something that makes he different from the rest. This hints to he’s ambition making him think that he is stuck in someone else's shadow whether that be a good or bad person. The only way he can get out is if he sell that
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