The Picture Of Dorian Gray Character Analysis Essay

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A youthful, special personality lies in the heart of a man that inspires a painter’s best work. This nature is intricate, kind, pure, and a wonderful focus for portraits and paintings alike. In The Picture of Dorian Gray, a close friend tragically robs this youth and leads the man to a life that terminates because of evil. Gray, the corrupt man of interest in Oscar Wilde’s novel, has a complex personality, giving him many different companions in the story. Fatefully, he meets the artist Basil at a party due to Basil’s interest in his friend’s striking and mysterious identity. Lord Henry’s charisma and charm draw the protagonist to him when first introduced at Basil’s home. Sibyl Vane, an actress that Dorian became infatuated with when performing…show more content…
For instance, when Gray brings Basil and Lord Henry to Sibyl’s performance as Juliet after he proposed the night before, she humiliates her fiance and comes to the conclusion that she can no longer act due to the true love that she found for the corrupt man. She says, “Before I knew you, acting was the one reality of my life… You taught me what reality really is” (Wilde 114). Because Dorian showed her the reality of romance, Sibyl can no longer portray these feelings onstage. In this moment, she is extremely sincere in her words and tries to soothe her fiance’s embarrassment after the harrowing performance. Nevertheless, he does not listen and instead breaks her heart. Basil also utilizes candor when discussing Dorian’s change and corruption due to the influence of Lord Henry. Basil wishes, “I want the Dorian Gray I used to paint” (Wilde 79). Here, Basil addresses that main character is not the same innocent person that he once was. Overall, Basil just wants the person he used to know, but his friend does not understand the harmful effects of being under the influence of Lord Henry. Clearly, Basil and Sibyl are truthful about how they feel with Dorian, even if he cannot understand how or

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